Saturday, March 14, 2009

football stuff

Good news tonite!~

Manchester United aka manyooshit (pardon for the nickname) lost to Liverpool aka loserfool (pardon me!) 4-1!! yes, u read it rite..4-1..~ even i'm not a loserfool supporter, i'm still relieved because now it is Chelsea's chance to closed the gap with the leader (manyooshit).. Chelsea's game is tomorrow against Manchester City..hopefully we can win the game n take the no 2 spot again! (currently, liv moved on the 2nd spot)
i'm confident chelsea will win tomorrow, bcoz based on the current performance, it could be an easy game (i wish! huhu).. speaking bout, i heard that they are targeting our capitan, Terry to join their team..but, NO WAY!~ Terry is belong to us! he is chelsea's man! n he would be the last man to leave chelsea..!!!

Chelsea's Captain John Terry

That is the best bout football..when other team lost, u'll feel happy, although its not ur team that beat the rivals..!~ lalalalan

Chelsea won against Man city 1-0..stunning goal from essien..we moved to 2nd spot with a goal difference above liv..