Wednesday, December 30, 2009


bosannye bile x de keje nk dibuat..
kadangkala aku rasa yg aku nie cam x keje je..
kalu dlm seminggu, to be exact, hanye 2-3 hari je aku "betul2" kerja..
lg 2 1/2 hari nie, cam nie la..x de buat ape..
aku dah la x bley kalu x de keje, rase mengantuk je memanjang.

Bile x de kerja,
bukak facebook setiap masa,
komen status, photo orang semua,
hinggakan kawan2 yg jarang bertegur sapa,
tetiba komen juga status mereka,
ye la, dah nama pon x de kerja..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lampard is Premier League's Player of the Decade

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has been selected as the Premier League's Player of the Decade, by facts and figures' wizards Opta.

Opta, who studied every Premier League game since January 2000, declared that Lampard has played in more games, most wins to his name, second-most number of assists and the fourth-highest goal scoring record.

Lampard pips Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher by five games to most appearances with a total of 346 - 210 of which have been wins, The Sun reported.

He comes second to Manchester United Ryan Giggs with 76 assists and bagged 100 goals, finishing fourth behind top scorer Thierry Henry, who scored 169 times for Arsenal.

When talking about the results, AS Roma manager Claudio Ranieri, who signed Lampard from West Ham for £11 million in June 2001, said: "This news fills me with a great satisfaction and pride because Frank Lampard is totally unique."

"He is a complete player and so professional. It doesn't surprise me that he is the best statistically, ahead of other players you might consider to be even bigger stars.

I'll tell you something. In my view Frank Lampard is a genuine ''Pallone d'oro'' - which means he should be a European Footballer of the Year. He really is that good," he added.

Source : ANI

Congrats to F.Lampard. He really deserved that. Playing in almost all games in BPL since he moves to Chelsea from West Ham in 2001 with 11 million pound transfer fee. I still remember when I watched the Chelsea's game for the 1st time. Aug 23 2002, Chelsea draw 2-2 with Man Utd with goal from Zenden & Gallas. Although I always said that I love Zola for the beginning, but I can't help to notice about Lampard. He's playing in the midfield, but sometimes he also going forward to assist or score for Chelsea. He's an exceptional player, scoring goals with both of his legs, powerful shooting and excellent passing, assist and scoring goals. He become one of the most consistent players in top flight. His trademark: powerful shooting outside the penalty box.

Frank Lampard Stat's
Chelsea Career : 2001-2009
League Appearance: 278 + 6 (sub)
League Goals : 83
Total Goals in all competition : 130

One of the best Lampard goal was during Chelsea v Barcelona game.

(don't know how he chipped the ball n scored from difficult angle)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

STiLL Confusing...


I'm losing my focus
I'm still searching for the true path
I don't know what I should do

Ya Allah, please guide me,
Please give me courage.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Chelsea lost 1-2 to Man City.
I don't know why this game bother me so much.

Ref is suck, handballs are everywhere, SIX (6) yellow cards for chelsea player, included all the back four (tertunggu2 jugak bila ref nk kasi kad kuning kat Cech, dah suka sangat layang kad kuning kat player chelsea), lampaq's penalty was saved, drogba missed the shot, chelsea's players not performed, overall the game was terrible.

We hardly got any chances that threated Given. Chelsea barely put pressure on them, except for the last 10 minutes. Our midfield and striker play badly today.

Man City outplayed us in everywhere. They know how to block the diamond formation. They know how to prevent drogba n anelka from getting any chance. They know how to stop our midfielder from getting the ball, they know how to escape from our defenders.

Some people said, " it is chelsea 3rd away kit jinx". We lost 3 games, n we're wore 3rd away kit during those time. Superstitious? :-[

the 'cursed' kit

Basically, we didn't play well tonite.

// I should continue study... (*0*)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm scared!

Tomorrow is the day = JLPT exam.
Study pun tak abis2 lagi. 4 buah buku teks beserta buku2 latihan. Belum kira lg segala nota2 kecil dan nota besar. Serta buku kamus import dari JAKARTA! Malahan, sanggup belajar dengan rakan di jepun melalui MSN.

It's so hard to studying while u're working. Bangun pagi, pergi kerja, balik umah penat, terus tido. Setiap hari bawa 2 buku teks pergi kerja, konon2 nak study bila ada masa lapang, tapi bawa je, buka bukunye tidak. Mungkin juga bila dah grad nie, perasaan nak study pun dah kurang. Itu memang tak dinafikan.

However, despite all these, the best thing about this exam is, there was MULTIPLE CHOICE answer. Lucky ☆♪

//juga tak sabar nak pergi tonton Teater Natrah malam esok. :DD

Thursday, December 3, 2009


A big upset for me today..

I have an interview, but the interview was ruined by me.
I regretted it.
I didn't prepare enough.
I take it lightly.
It so obvious that I'd ruined it.
I'm so embarrassed with my own self.
I hope I will NEVER do this again. (T_T)