Sunday, December 6, 2009


Chelsea lost 1-2 to Man City.
I don't know why this game bother me so much.

Ref is suck, handballs are everywhere, SIX (6) yellow cards for chelsea player, included all the back four (tertunggu2 jugak bila ref nk kasi kad kuning kat Cech, dah suka sangat layang kad kuning kat player chelsea), lampaq's penalty was saved, drogba missed the shot, chelsea's players not performed, overall the game was terrible.

We hardly got any chances that threated Given. Chelsea barely put pressure on them, except for the last 10 minutes. Our midfield and striker play badly today.

Man City outplayed us in everywhere. They know how to block the diamond formation. They know how to prevent drogba n anelka from getting any chance. They know how to stop our midfielder from getting the ball, they know how to escape from our defenders.

Some people said, " it is chelsea 3rd away kit jinx". We lost 3 games, n we're wore 3rd away kit during those time. Superstitious? :-[

the 'cursed' kit

Basically, we didn't play well tonite.

// I should continue study... (*0*)