Wednesday, March 17, 2010

aku redha.....

 Final Result

Chelsea 0-1 Inter
*inter won with 3-1 aggregrate

--> Poor performance from Chelsea. Drogba red carded again. Ref is sucks! 2 penalty claim from Chelsea was turned down. Inter deserved to win, they played well, they control the possession. Overall, I still miss JM D:


norly saliana @ mamazahra said...

sabaq eyh....
kita harus menerima keGAGALan dgn redha.muahaha

jgn marah eyh!!!

SheiLa said...

tengah sabaqq nie (masih sukar utk menerima kenyataan hukhuk)..

x marah pon.. sy seorg yg profesional hikhik :DD