Friday, January 22, 2010

I Missed My Old Job

Yes, I REALLY MEAN it =(

Stockbroking Department, CIMB Investment Bank Berhad

The place where I started my work journey.
The place where I obtained an experience as employee.
The place where I've got to know about the real working life.
The place where I've learned to be independent.

I admitted that I've done a BIG mistake in my life = resign.

It has been 3 months since I working in my new place. Nothing against my current employer. My boss is a very caring person. The work environment here is absolutely enjoyable. All my officemate are very kind and friendly.

Everything was amazing. It just that I can't find my satisfaction with my current job. Frankly speaking, my job is just key in data for billing and standby for the task from my boss. Sometimes I really felt bored with my job. I do nothing. Different with my old job, everyday is busy, from morning until evening. But, I enjoyed every single day of it. However here, I can't sit down and do nothing. Sometimes I felt embarrassed with my officemate. My boss paid me higher than them, but all I do is just sit down and do nothing. I'm thinking to find new job, but I can't. I LOVE my boss and my co-worker. I don't know if I can hold on until then.. =(