Sunday, June 7, 2009

I wanna quit! A.S.A.P

i dont think i'm suitable for the heart is not there..
felt like i've been abandoned..i know there's a big company, everybody busy doing their work, but at least, please have some "family feeling" there..
i'm more please to working in small company instead of working in big company, but nothing to be feel about! its only work, work, work!

and, how can u expect from a new staff that have no idea about what u've been doing, to expert in ur work in less that a week?? (to be exact, 2 days, the 3rd day, i've to do it myself!)

i rather sit at home waiting for nothing with no income instead of suffering in my soul...


Anonymous said...

hi shiela .. :)

da keje ek?
x update akak pon???
alih2 nak benti je tuh .. meh stori mori ..

sheila said...

hi kak ct =D kan jenis yg low profile.. =P

x de ape, cuma entry nie sy tulis masa sy emosional..hehe..
sy skang kije kontrak 3 bulan kat cimb investment, jln semantan..jauh giler (*-*)..
pastu balik pon kena balik lewat..balik umah terus tido..huhu..
mmg berbeza masa kat GIAD dulu..evendo masa praktikal sy balik umah pon terus tido, tp atleast rasa seronok pratikal kat GIAD..hehe