Monday, May 25, 2009


today i went to Aki's house, a condominium in Sunway..
his house is quite large and not know la if condo's house certainly extensive :penulis tak pernah tinggal/melawat/melihat rumah kondo secara live:
lawa rumah dia..ada macam2 perhiasan dan pandai dia susun agar nampak kreatif, even he's a GUY! his house looks like tipical japanese house, with a lot of japanese stuff! ada buluh, ada kolam ikan yg kecil comel, ada dolls kimono, ada tergantung baju yukata, ruang tamu yg luas and a lot more..yappari, he's japanese after all..huhu

today i went to his house to see/watch my KCS mate practice dancing..they'll do dancing for 5-6 songs for poprainbow anniversary this coming sunday..they all practice really hard, n i wish they will do the best! ganbare!~

actually my post this time is pointless (^^;) just wanted to say that i like Aki's house..huhu
creative but yet still manage to keep its traditional..

//wish i can take the photo of his house..n surely the view from the 16th floor is beautiful.. i wish i can see the view during night...