Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tag ....

I've been stalking alia's blog..this is what i've got..TAG!

*Last phone call – alia..dia kejutkan aku pukul 10.06am sbb dia nk amik tupperware dia dlm bilik aku...hehe
* Last text message – kerod..suh dia belanja ABC..hehe
* Last time you cried –
erhmm..2 days ago kot..masa nangis dlm tido...mimpi ape ntah..


* Dated someone twice - not yet..anyone? hehe
* Been cheated – penah tipu2 biase je..tipu betoi blum lg..gege
* Kissed someone & regretted it – nope
* Lost someone special – grandma :(


* Falling in love - yerp...again
* Laughed until you cried – yerp..when my friends buat lawak sampai gelak guling2..hehe
* Met someone who changed your life – ermm...blum lg kot
* Found out someone was talking about you – eh?? idk..
* How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? – a few...

* How many kids do you want to have – x kisah..berapa2 pon bleh..hehe
* Do u have any pets – ade..Gendut..dia duk umah mak cik la nie dah 8 hari dia x balik.. :(
* Do you want to change your name – tak nak!
* What time did you wake up today - hehehehe...11.30am
* What were you doing at midnight last night – adalah belek2 nota study sikit..hehe

* Name something you cannot wait for – holiday
* Last time you saw your father – yesterday..i sent my mom n my dad to airport..for visiting my lil sis at Sabah bah..
* What's one thing you wish you could change – my past time?..
* What's getting on your nerves right now – final exam..hopefully i can do the best..this is my last exam b4 graduate.. :)

* Elementary/Primary School – SMK SS 2, KT
* Middle/Secondary School – SMKCK
* Hair color – black
* Long or short – not long, not short..
*Want kids? – yerp

*Want to get married? – hehe..sape yg x nak kawen kan..
*Careers in mind? – accounting/auditing


* Kissed a stranger – nope
* Lost glasses/contacts – nope
* Broken someone's heart – nope
* Been arrested – nope
* Cried when someone died – yerp..miss my grandma :(


* Is there one person you want to be with right now? – yerp...
* Do you believe in God? – Yes..With all my heart