Sunday, April 19, 2009

::Friendship Award::

goes too!~

trengg treng....... (buat bunyik drum sendiri yer)

Alia Shaharom!~

thanks for being my best fren! for the beginning, we're not so closed, but the 6 month spent together in practical make me realized u are one of the important person in my life.. u always be there whenever i'd go..thanks for supporting me especially during the 6 months internship..i never regret the time we have spent together..thank you so much for everything.. I hope our friendship will stay forever n ever..!~


farah_ichigo said...

Haha.. Sugoii!! ^__^
Congrats to Alia-san!! :)
Bestnye ade kawan rapat..
i want one too.. ^o^

Shiela nee-chan!! nanti ada Pop Rainbow Anniversary akhir bulan 5 ni.. Jom gi!! Ajak sume kawan2 akak yg minat JKTCPop tau.. Register kat forum Pop Rainbow!! ^__^