Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bloody Monday

Yatta! Finally I'm finished watching Bloody Monday!~
I'm managed to finishing it, evendo I'm still in exam preparation..! huhu
Loovveee the story plot and casting...but the ending, quite disappointed I'll say.
Not as I expected! I'm quite tension with the ending, anti-klimaks!
But, I'm still enjoyed the drama, the plot is interesting enough to catch my attention.

The story is about a genius hacker, Takagi Fujimaru try to save Tokyo from vanish, because terrorist organization plan to unleash a virus named Bloody X to Tokyo. Third-i, Japan Public Special Unit coorporation with Fujimaru in order for them to save the people in Tokyo. Its all up to Fujimaru to rely to his skills to reveal the truth behind "Bloody Monday".

-> I love Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru!~ :D :D


farah_ichigo said...

Hehe.. Tgk drama b4 exam? Huhu.. I did that too.. Often.. -__-!!

Mcm best je Bloody Monday.. Nk tgk!!!

cheguBard said...

salam ziarah

sheila said...

farah = memang best pon cite nie. I'm really recommend u to watch this dramas. Great story plot, but the ending is just -_-

cheguBard = salam ziarah! thanks coz sudi menziarahi blog ini :)