Saturday, January 10, 2009

everything was ruined now..

everything was ruined now..

segala pengalaman selama 1/2 tahun, hancur cam tue saje..
suka duka, pahit manis bersama2, akhirnya musnah..
everything was ruined now..i can't even think any good memories we've been together..
the 1st thing in my mind, whenever i think bout it, is the crisis..the crisis that ruined us..the crisis that had made us separate..the crisis that create hatred among us..

i still remembered, the words A said " lepas nie, harapnya persahabatan kita akan terus kekal, walaupun kita dah tak jadi seperti satu kumpulan lagi..jangan lupakan persahabatan kite"....
n i still save the sms A sent to us " U all always in my mind n heart, the best t******s i ever had. Keep in touch"..

tadi terbaca sms yg S sent to my friend, i felt so sad.. :'(
kalau dulu, boleh bergurau senda, bergelak ketawa, tapi sekarang, dah tak de..sume itu sudah menjadi satu perkara yg mustahil.. there's no laughing and joking anymore..

i felt so disappointed with what had happened..
i never imagined it became like this.. i know i'm not directly involved in this, but they're my friends..i love my friends, and i love them.. :'(

sometimes i was thinking, there's nothing to be proud of..
there's nothing to be remembered of, if we're still like this..
one word keep playing in my mind, "adakah kehadiran kami merupakan satu kesilapan??"