Sunday, December 14, 2008

WeLCoMe & babling...

Welcome to my blog..frankly speaking, i never imagined i'll create my own blog..

lazy is one thing, but knowing my own self who don't like to talk to others(?), makes me wonder, is it bcoz of this, I seems unfriendly to people? honestly , i can't communicate well with strangers. timid? quiet? arrogant? or low profile? i don't know..I envy some of my friends who is friendly towards people although they're met for the first time!
dakara, with the opening with my own blog, hope i can changed myself! i wanna be a new person!~ yosh, talk to me, baby~ lol

So, as a starting, today, i went to sunway piramid to meet chibis of kcs (sort of fans group)..
actually it was quite fun to meet them..i never meet them before, eventhough we always postings in the same forum..i really enjoyed with them..i never thought meeting people with similar interest is a lot of fun!~♥ we chatting (and gossiping XD) without noticing time is running fast. the gathering is actually for us to discuss the proposal of the project..hmm..seems like there's a lot of work to do and we need to work hard! ganbatte minna!~

i really wanna take part in the project. i never organized something big like this!! its time for me to exposed myself with people, besides reveal my hidden talent


aLeYa said...

you did it my opinion, shela dah improve a lot..and gia people also admit bout your self too happy wif da new look of sheila..cume you have to be more brave utk ber'boraks' dgn kwn2 okay..glad to knew you..:>

sheila said...

thanks for the comment^^
i'll try my best to accomplish the mission..hehe
thanks for the support too..u always gave me advice and support whenever i felt down..thanks a lot, dear! :D